About DVS Custom:

DVS Custom office in Grand Rapids, MILocated in Grand Rapids, MI - DVS Custom is the digital media duplication group of DVS. Founded in 1993 as Digital Video Services, DVS Custom now provides professional media duplication to our clients with the highest quality and customer service.

While we started with tape based duplication including VHS, audio cassettes and professional formats including Betacam SP and ¾” tapes, we have since evolved into a regional leader in digital media duplication – providing CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, and USB duplicate and related services.

DVS Custom's 4 color digital printing system for CD and DVD copiesDVS has pioneered technology in the media duplication industry including developing our own custom direct to disc 4 color digital print process that provides a higher resolution print for CD-R and DVD-R discs than traditional silk screen or offset printing. Our print process also allows us to provide individual serialized discs – each numbered or bar coded with a unique identifier.

Twenty five years later, we’re still duping and converting — and designing, and manufacturing, and printing, and shipping. And we’re still known for our commitment to detail and service.

Who Is DVS?

DVS is a marketing and advertising agency with a long history of success in demanding corporate environments. We create compelling video, web and media experiences tailored to connect you to your audience.


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